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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Today I officially announced the new price of my domain to the media, through a second press release, which should lead to more interviews about this record-breaking domain. This new exposure coupled with the new site should should result in a lot more credibility to the idea and a lot more visitors to the site. It's incredible that there are still people out there who think I'm joking with all of this, but, of course, I'm not. I'm selling this domain name for $12,000,001 and giving millions of dollars away in what is sure to be one of the greatest events in internet history. Will you be a part of it?

In other news, I'm glad to announce the newest member of the record-breaking team, MJ from the UK. He is our new Marketing Promoter and will be in charge of coming up with crazy new ways of advertising my domain to the mainstream, which may include people getting tattooed with my domain name or backpacking around the world with my logo on their backs. So stay tuned for some real wackiness that will, without a doubt, spread this domain to every corner of the globe.

A lot has been happening as I prepare for my big move down under to Sydney, Australia where I'll be calling home starting on March 8. Never a dull day in this record-breaking world...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Many visitors to my site thought that the $12M sale in January spelled the demise of my domain. They could not have been more wrong. After weeks of hard work and sweat, I've finally finished working on the new site, whose awesome design is thanks to Vinnie from Definitive Labs. declared war on and, as a result, I have up'd the ante and raised the price of my domain to $12,000,001. Many of you might even recall that the deal was originally reported as $14M, but a later report from a more reputable source (Reuters), changed that figure to $12M. I would not be surprised if the price changes again in the future. No matter what happens, though, this domain will remain the record-breaking domain, I'll make sure of it. You also have to remember that the deal is NOT an official record, as Guinness still considers the $7.5M deal the official record. Guinness only shows world records that have been proven to them, and hasn't proved their deal. However, the deal got so much publicity (it even came out on CNN!) that I, the owner of The Record-Breaking Domain, simply could not ignore it. In fact, the amount of publicity that sale got proved my very point: a domain that breaks a world record makes headlines all over the world! So a few weeks ago, when I was still in Uruguay, I decided to up the ante to a symbolic $12,000,001 to maintain the integrity of my domain, idea, and self. Since I cannot think of any domain name with a higher intrinsic value than, I feel pretty confident that my my domain will remain the most expensive domain name for an incredibly long time. This has actually made my whole domain idea a lot more valuable!

You might be asking yourself what I have done about the prizes now that I have raised the price by $4.5M. Well, I won't be taking any extra money home, I'm giving the difference to my supporters and charity! You'll be glad to hear that I have DOUBLED the awards I'm giving to my supporters to a whopping $4 million, and have QUADRUPLED the amount I'm giving to Charity to $4,000,001 (they need the extra dollar more than my supporters and I)! This means I'll still be taking a very comforting $4 million home with me. It actually works out nicely: $4 million to my supporters, $4 million to charity, and $4 million for me. The biggest changes I've made to my support prizes has been to the 'Link to Me', 'Forum', and the new 'Merchandise' categories. I am now giving $1 Million to the person that refers the most traffic to me via their link, half a million dollars to a random member of my forum who has been an active participant by the time the sale is announced, and a quarter of a million dollars to the person that buys the most merchandise. That is an incredible amount of money that any one of you supporters can win! That's just my way of saying thank you for all your help so far, and that I need you now more than ever!

Let's break this damn record.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I've been working hard on the new site which will be launched this coming week. It looks a lot better and more professional than the current one, so I expect it to be taken a lot more seriously by the public and the media, helping to propel my little domain to a whole new level. It's going to have a lot of surprises, which will benefit all of my supporters and charity. A new Press Release will also accompany it to announce the big changes, and Tom's T-shirts will be available for sale. My next Blog entry will be on my new site, so stay tuned and keep supporting the feat!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I know I haven't updated my Blog in like 5 days, I was busy traveling back to Brazil. But enough with the excuses, I want to congratulate our new Graphic Designer, Tom Szczerbowski, for winning the T-shirt Design Contest. Tom brings with him a lot of professional experience with Graphic Designing, having done magazine and bus shelter advertisements for products, poster and media-guide designs for professional sporting events, as well as promotional exhibits for the Detroit Auto Show. He has been working with many of Adobe's products over the last 7-8 years and has expert skills in Photoshop (as well as the rest of the CS 2 suite), Illustrator, Flash, Quark, and Cinema 4D. He's the real deal, so I'm very happy to have him on board as part of the team. He's going to be designing a whole range of merchandise for this domain, helping to advertise it to every corner of the globe, and even experimenting with some new logo's for my domain. Welcome on board, Tom!

I'm going to be in Brazil this month, and will then be traveling to Los Angeles in early march before I head over to Sydney, Australia, where I'll be calling home for at least the next few years. I'm going to look into doing some crazy advertising for my domain here in the land of Samba and "Futebol" before I leave. I'm going to call the Maracana Stadium, the largest in the world seating approximately 200,000 people, to see if they'd be open to letting me advertise my domain on their field using soccer balls, in exchange for a pledge to the charity of their choice. It will be interesting to see what they say, as I'm sure they've never had such a request. If they're up for it, I'll be traveling to Rio de Janeiro, before I leave Brazil, to get the job done.

Anyone catch the Super Bowl yesterday? I'm sure MILLIONS of you did, so congratulations to all the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning their 5th title. What did you guys thing of the commercials? The Budweiser commercials are always the best, although I still think these companies would get a lot more bang for their publicity buck if they bough this domain and put one of their Ads on here! :) Only time will tell...

As I had mentioned before, this domain is undergoing MASSIVE changes, but none of it will be revealed until it is complete. Hang in there!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

It all started a little over a month ago when I thought about selling merchandise for my little domain. I thought it would be cool to have human billboards walking around proudly advertising my domain all over the world! But then I realized that I wasn't a professional designer, so I would need some help. And that's when it hit me! I decided to do a t-shirt design contest, open to any graphic designer in the world, and have my visitors, the target "market", vote and choose their favorite designer. Well, 1 month, 12 designers, and 420 votes later, I'm proud to say that I have found the OFFICIAL Graphic Designer! I won't spoil the surprise here on my Blog, but you can find out who won here. I've also announced the winning voter that will be taking home $1,000 in cash when I sell this domain. I want to say a big thanks to all the 12 designers and the people who voted, for making this all possible. You have to remember, this record attempt is not being attempted just by me, but by all of YOU who are helping to build the most incredible and international record-breaking team EVER!

Also, expect MASSIVE changes to this site in the coming weeks. I've been working hard with Vinnie, the new Web Designer, on the new version of the site that will look a whole lot better, provide an official response to the $12 million dollar sale of, and invite even MORE supporters to help break this damn record! There will be a very big change to this concept when the new site is launched, so stay tuned for that awesome surprise.

And please don't forget about the charities! If there are any charities you think could really use the money from the sale of this domain, check out the charity page and suggest it!

I'll be talking about our new Graphic Designer, and what they have in store for this domain, in my next Blog entry. Until then, find out if you've won one of last month's random prizes!


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