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Monday, May 08, 2006

That was the longest I've gone without updating my blog. I wish I could blame it on laziness, but a lot of stuff has happened recently that I've had to deal with, not least the death of my Grandfather, Endel Kello. He was an Estonian who fled to Sweden when the Russians invaded, ended up working at Eriksson in Argentina where he met my grandmother and had my dad, eventually settling into Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he passed away last week. He was an entrepreneur at heart, like myself (I know where the genes are coming from), with a few patents under his wing. His life was tougher than mine will ever be and his passing away has given me a whole new reason to break this world record and honor his name.

As for this little domain name, it has come a long way and it is time to take it further. I want to thank those who continue to support this unique world record attempt. I've announced the winners of the April prizes, so congratulations to all you winners for your awesome help!

I'm going to be making a few changes to the site in the coming weeks. One of them you may have already noticed. The latest post in the forum is now appearing on the homepage, thanks to a script written by stonks_98 (real name Paul), one of our forum members who also runs the very cool, who just won himself a cool $1,000 for this neat little trick that will show every visitor what's happening in the Forum. I've started receiving the translations of the site from my sponsor, but have not had time to implement them yet, so expect those up very soon as well. I'm also going to be migrating this blog to a more user-friendly blog service such as, which will make it a lot easier to view, update, and comment on the blog. I'm also going to start announcing the winners of the monthly prizes on the main page, once they provide me with there full name and location, so that I can give them some very much-deserved 15-minutes--err, 30-days--of fame. So if you want your name seen by thousands, you have yet another reason to support TRBD!

In other news, I've initiated my Internet Media Blitz, having added a MySpace for I'm new to , so join my network and help spread the word by clicking on the orange MySpace logo on the left. I don't want to look like a loser with no friends so, at the very least, do it out of pity. :) Also, add TRBD to more people that hear about this domain, the more supporters it will have, and the sooner the record will be broken!

I will also become more proactive about the Charities and not just wait for people to suggest them (although please feel free to do so). I'm going to find charities that can really use the money to make a difference in people's lives. This World Record is not just about breaking a world record, creating the most publicized Ad in history, me becoming a millionaire, or my supporters winning tons of cash, it's also about having the opportunity to give something back to this world that gave me so much...and there's no better feeling than that, right? You betcha!

The search for a TRBD World Traveler will also begin in the next few weeks. More details of this will follow. So don't be a stranger, and stick around to see what the Internet's only record-breaking domain has in store next.


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