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Saturday, June 10, 2006


May Prize Winners Announced, Media Man Interview,, Blogger, Europe, and more...

A lot of people have been wondering what’s been happening, if the site is dead, etc… I’m still here, the site is still here, my supporters are still here, and no one is going anywhere! A lot of stuff has actually been happening in my record-breaking world. I’ve just been incredibly busy juggling a million things and the fact that my new computer is still having problems does not help (more on that later). But let’s get down to business.

First order of business, I’ve announced the May Prize Winners. You will note that these prize winners are now announced on the main page to make it easier for you to find out if you’ve won, and to give winners as much fame and glory as possible during the month! It will also help to show new visitors that there really are prizes awarded every month to real people. As the details from the winners come in, I’ll be updating the list with their actual names and locations.

Next, I’ve done a new interview with Media Man Australia. You can check it out here: This is my first Australian interview, so that was awesome, a big thanks to Media Man Greg Tingle for that. I’m going to be working with Media Man to promote my domain locally here in Australia and get noticed. The idea is, if I can get it to explode down under, then I can spread that momentum to the rest of the world. So stay tuned for some more developments on that front.

In case you have not noticed, this blog is now running off of Blogger. Updating my blog on my site was a pain in the ass, so this has been a god send. You can now link to my blog or comment on specific postings right here or directly on There are a lot of benefits to being on Blogger so I hope this makes my blog even more popular. It will also help make writing blogs a lot easier for me especially since I can submit them from any computer, not just my home one like I was doing before now. Bare with me peeps, I'm still learning, slowly but surely, my way around all of this. So feel free to use all the features of my Blogger blog, make comments, e-mail to friends, check out the archives, etc. You’ll notice that the new blog doesn’t have any of the old pictures or functional links and titles, I’ll get around to that later. For now, if you want to view the old blog, you can view it here with the pictures.

I’m sad to announce that Tom Szczerbowski is no longer TRBD’s T-shirt and Merchandise graphic designer. You will remember that Tom won the t-shirt design contest back in January, however, he is too busy with other projects to devote the time necessary for this project. Do check out his site (, he’s an awesome guy. I want to wish Tom the best of luck with his awesome endeavors. Tom’s designs are still available in the Merchandise section, so you can continue to buy them. I will be speaking with the runners up of the T-shirt contest about filling in this position. If you’re interested in it, however, and want to win $10,000 and become the official TRBD graphic designer, just send me an e-mail.

One of my Sponsors, Vince Valentine who designed the new site you’re looking at a few month ago, is starting up a contest to find the world’s Ultimate Web Designer (check out: As a member of the TRBD family, I decided to sponsor his event, so you’ll be happy to see a familiar logo on his page.

I’m going to be traveling in Europe in July to take some much needed time off and see my family whom I haven’t seen since I left for Oz, so I’m excited about that. I’m leaving Australia on June 29 and will be back on the 2nd of August. I’ll be in Barcelona, Athens, Crete, Croatia, and Bosnia during my trip, so I look forward to spreading the word about my domain, especially during World Cup season. Speaking of which, Germany is off to an awesome start, but I’m of course cheering for my native Argentina…we need to make up for the last world cup which was pretty embarrassing. Considering the difference with Australia, Ill be watching the games in the middle of the night, something else to add to my schedule!!

Oh, and if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been writing as many blog entries as in the past, there are a few reasons. The main one is because I’m actually working on a big project with a friend of mine in San Francisco…I hinted something about this earlier, it’s basically a new website we’ll be launching that we think everyone is going to find incredibly useful and actually use every week. I can’t go into anymore details than that because it’s still under development, but it’s been a lot of hard work, and has kept me extremely busy. The site is almost done, but we still have to add a lot of info to the databases, so we’re probably looking at a September launch date. Of course, you guys are going to be the first to hear about it, so keep that in mind. I’m a natural born multi-tasker so I can juggle all of this, so don’t ever assume this site is dead.

Another reason I’ve been having problems since I’ve arrived in Australia has been my new computer. I don’t want to go too off topic here but don’t ever buy a computer from OverdrivePC. Long story short, I paid $4,600 for my new computer back in January and it has given me nothing but problems straight out of the box. This is the computer I’m running this whole site from, so you can imagine the stress. The company refuses to allow me to return the computer for a full refund or even exchange it for a new one, so I’m stuck with a computer that is still not fully functional and has made working on this site incredibly stressful and time consuming. I warned them I’d be mentioning them on my site, that's the only power the little guys like us have and I can’t help but take it personally, you can see why here. I don’t like being screwed with, especially when it affects a major project of mine. Let me leave it at that for now.

Anyway, enough ranting and raving, thanks again to my awesome supporters for helping me out and sharing in the millions! Keep it up and remember, we have to spread the word!


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