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Friday, September 08, 2006


From ugly to $1 million, the launch of is here!

I have some really exciting news. I was getting a lot of heat for having selected such a long domain to break this world record with, but what my critics weren't getting is that it's about the idea not the domain. And to prove that, yesterday I launched a play on the one red paperclip idea but with domains. That's right, I'm starting with one ugly domain and I'm going to trade it up with other domains until I end up with one worth $1 million. This will put my critics to rest and show them that ugly can be beautiful...if the idea is right. So check out, submit any domains you wish to trade for my even uglier, and get ready to vote on October 31 for which offer I should accept. This will be an interesting experiment in trading, the domain market, and the value of beauty. Who the heck knows where this will go, but it's going to be fun to find out. And when I finally prove that it's not about the domain, I will have paved the way to sell for $12,000,001, assuming it hasn't already sold (I love throwing 7 and 8 figure numbers around, it makes me feel important). Actually, I wonder what is more challenging, to sell this domain for $12,000,001 or to trade up for a $1 million domain...I guess we're just going to have to find out.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The New, Much Cooler, and Snazzier Forum has been Officially Launched, check it out!

In what is sure to be very exciting news to many of you forum participants vying for the $500,000 Forum grand prize, I am pleased to announce the launch of The Record-Breaking Forum version 2.0!

The new forum is running off of vBulletin, a market-leading forum software offering a wealth of goodies that I have only just begun to uncover. For example, at the top of the Forum there is a "Quick Link" feature and under that you will find "Today's Posts", an incredibly useful feature for when you want to quickly browse the day's posts so you can find and reply to them more quickly and efficiently. Speaking of replies, this forum has a "Quick Reply" feature allowing you to post a reply on the same page you're reading the post, saving you precious time and allowing you to get even more posts in. There is also a Calendar feature which I am sure we will be making use of in the near future, oh, and please make sure you update your user profile with your birthday's because this cool forum let's everyone see whose birthday it is today. There's a lot more features we'll be uncovering as time goes on, but I'm sure that those who got used to the old forum will feel like they just bought a brand new computer running the latest operating system!

The look and feel of this forum is also a lot smoother, making it easier and quicker to get around and find the posts you need. Only the posts of the last 30 days are shown by default, so this helps keep the forum clean and relevant. There is also a "reputation" feature allowing members to give each other reputation points for how cool they really are. And if you want to really make some friends, you can add them as your "buddies". Each user even has their own unique referral link to refer new users to this forum, and you can bet the house I'm going to find a way to make use of this for the prizes to get as many people on here as possible!

Anyway, enough babbling, enjoy the new TRBD Forum 2.0! And remember, there is almost $1 million to be won from participating in this forum, so don't miss out or you'll be kicking yourselves later!

Hasta la vista!


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