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In order to make a serious offer, you will have to send me an e-mail with the offer amount. I will then initiate a Domain Name Transfer with Escrow.com for the agreed amount.  You will receive an e-mail from Escrow.com with instructions on how to view, confirm, and pay for the transaction. When the transfer of ownership of the domain name is completed and verified by Escrow.com, they will release the funds to me. Should anything go wrong, your funds will be kept safe by Escrow.com and returned to you if needed.

The Buyer agrees to pay the Escrow.com fees, which are currently set at 0.89% of the transaction, one of the absolute lowest on the internet (many Domain Name Transfer services charge a flat 10% escrow fee).  View Escrow.com's latest fee schedule here.

Please read the Escrow.com FAQ to familiarize yourself with the Escrow Process.  Also, please read about the Domain Name Transfer process here.

Payment types accepted by Escrow.com can be viewed here.

Should the Buyer prefer to use alternative Escrow means for this purchase, please contact me and let me know. Keep in mind that the Buyer will have to pay all fees related to the Escrow service.



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