1 Domain Name.  1 World Record.  $7,500,001.

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Winners must contact me!

OK, this is the juiciest part! I am giving away a total of $2,000,000 to potentially hundreds of my supporters as soon as I sell this domain name at the record-breaking price (I've already announced the JANUARY winners below).  Let me repeat that: I will be giving away $2 Million in cash to my supporters and ANYONE and EVERYONE can help! That means YOU too! Why am I doing this?  Because without your help I simply cannot break this record. I simply cannot get the publicity I need to sell this domain name on my own. See, the more people supporting this domain name, the more publicity it gets. The more publicity it gets, the more visitors to this domain name. The more visitors to this domain name, the more valuable it becomes. The more valuable it becomes, the greater the chances of someone paying $7.5 million and one for it.  The greater the chances of someone buying this domain name, the greater the chances we ALL win! So support the feat and let's break this record! Let's show the world that just by coming together, we can make something valuable and break a world record!

And don't worry if you don't have too much time, a lot of cash, a big site or even too many friends, you can STILL win. Although the Grand Prizes are mostly performance-based, the Monthly Prizes are given out randomly, so EVERYONE has an EQUAL chance of winning. This means, for example, that even if you tell just ONE friend, you will still have as good a chance as anyone to win $5,000! Keep in mind that many people believe this record is unbreakable and therefore won't support it, giving people like YOU the amazing opportunity to win a lot of money by simply believing in it and supporting this awesome feat!

Once the buyer has been confirmed and the announcement made public, no new supporters will be given the opportunity to win the prize money because I don't like people who arrive late to my parties. It is too damn easy to support and believe in something you already know is going to happen. I want people who will support it now, while it's still risky, because that's what makes it exciting!

You can support this feat in many different ways and can be rewarded more than once, giving you the opportunity to become an instant Millionaire the second this domain sells! Here's how you can Support the Feat and win up to $2,000,000:


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Monthly Prize

Grand Prize

Anyone who links to this site
will have a chance to win $10,000 this month!

I will be awarding $10,000 every month to a random person that has linked to my site and referred at least 10 people during that month.  I will also award a grand prize of $500,000 to the person that referred the MOST people to this site via banners, links, etc.  Only UNIQUE hits will count. This is the way to make the MOST money because traffic is the single most important element in generating the publicity I need to sell this domain for $7,500,001. Since the sale of this domain could be announced at any time, the earlier you start supporting, the better your chances of winning the top grand prize.

To qualify as a referrer, you just need to generate your own unique link that will help track your clicks. IT'S REALLY EASY! You can use this special link anywhere you want to bring in visitors and work your way to the $500,000 grand prize while increasing the chances of this domain name selling. Every time someone visits this domain via your unique link, you will be credited with a referral. Add your link in as many places as your like. Come up with clever ways to drive traffic to this domain through your link! If you are familiar with Affiliate programs, this will be a cinch.  If not, then you'll get the hang of it in seconds.  Remember, only UNIQUE visitors will count. And please don't try to cheat or I'll kick your butt out of the program.

Get your Unique Link below in milliseconds!

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Are you Last Month's $10,000 winner?




Monthly Prize

Grand Prize

Coming soon...
merchandise designed by
Tom Szczerbowski!

Starting in February, you will be able to buy TheRecordBreakingDomain.com T-shirts, hats, stickers, mouse pads, and a whole lot more to support this domain and look absolutely cool doing it. The designs will be made by Tom Szczerbowski, the winner of my Graphic Design contest, which everyone will vote for, so they will be spectacular!



Monthly Prize

Grand Prize

Anyone who Tells a Friend about this site
will have a chance to win $5,000 this month!

I will be awarding $5,000 every month to a random person that has told at least 1 friend about this site in the current month via the link below or on the menu bar. I will also award a grand prize of $100,000 to the person that has told the MOST friends using the Tell-a-friend link above.  I need traffic, and one of the best ways of getting it is through word-of-mouth from friends. This is why I want to reward you for telling as many friends as possible. This is the SIMPLEST way to win, requiring the least amount of effort, while making you more popular amongst your friend who will surely thank you for showing them this awesome site. The more friends you tell, the better your chances.  I will be using the services of Tell-a-Friend-King to monitor these referrals.

Are you Last Month's $5,000 winner?


Steven Young
You've won $5,000!

Thank you for telling your friends about this site!


Past Winners

Michelle Kellogg
from Loveland, CO, USA

Varlin Zapata
from Caracas, Venezuela



Monthly Prize

Grand Prize

Anyone who Registers a new Domain from this site
will have a chance to win $5,000 this month!

I will be giving away $5,000 every month to a random person that has registered a domain name of their own from my site in the current month. Domain Transfers will also count, so if you already have a domain, simply transfer it here! I will also award $100,000 to the person that has purchased the MOST domains from my site by the time this domain is sold. By registering a domain through me, you are helping support this site and this record attempt, and I want to reward you likewise. Not only can you get your own domain at a great flat rate of $9.99 A YEAR, you will also have an opportunity to win some serious cash. Have your own ideas for a multi-million dollar domain? Register it below and make it YOURS today! Don't know what to register? Then how about registering your own name so no one else can take it (ie. www.AndresKello.com)

Get Your Own Domain Name...


...and Win up to $100,000!

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Colin Pizey
You've won $5,000!

Thank you for registering your domains with me!


Past Winners

Dave Stephens
from Toronto, Canada

Hisham Macpherson
from Kawerau, New Zealand




Monthly Prize

Grand Prize

Anyone who Posts 5 messages in the forum
will have a chance to win $2,500 this month!

I will be giving away $2,500 every month to a random member of the forum that has posted at least 2 constructive messages a week in the current month.  I will also award $50,000 to the person that has made the MOST posts in the forum by the time the domain is sold. The reason I want to reward participation in the forum is because I want to create a community around this domain name that keeps people coming back and forums are a great way of doing just that. Participation must be deemed constructive to qualify. Spam or unhelpful posts will get you disqualified. This requires some effort but can be a lot of fun as you meet new people and discuss new and similar ideas.

Visit the Forum

Are you Last Month's $2,500 winner?


Christian Hjelvik
from Oslo, Norway
You've won $5,000!

* Award is $5,000 because there was no December winner.  Also, Christian (Gullskruen) is a forum moderator and, although he is ineligible to win the Forum Grand Prize, he is still eligible to win the random Monthly Award.


Past Winners

No Winner in December

Ray Hughes
from Warminster, PA, USA



Monthly Prize

Grand Prize

Anyone who Signs the Guestbook
will have a chance to win $1,000 this month!

I will be awarding $1,000 every month to a random person that signs my Guestbook with at least 3 sentences in the current month. I want to register people's first impressions of this domain name idea to capture the history of this record-breaking moment!

What are you waiting for? It takes 30 seconds!

Sign the Guestbook!

Are you Last Month's $1,000 winner?


You've won $1,000!

Thank you for signing my Guestbook!


Past Winners

Sulaiman from
Jakarta, Indonesia

Shabda Raaj
from Bokaro, India



Total Prize Money
Split amongst those who helped me.

I'm not an expert web designer (as you have, without doubt, noticed by now), so if you have an idea and help contribute to make this site more attractive so that it brings in more visitors and therefore increases the chance of someone buying it, I will leave it up to my discretion on how to reward you after the sale is complete.  Help can come in many shapes and sizes...banners, web design, additions to the site, new ideas...pretty much anything! I'm very open to ideas. Become part of something bigger than any one of us!

Note: Monthly Prize money from the November, December, and January Donations Award has been re-allocated to the Miscellaneous Help section.

Winner's List


Vijay Rao
from California, USA
has won $10,000 for designing my Referral Script
(and being the earliest supporter).

Vincent Valentine
from DefinitiveLabs.com in the U.K.,
has won $10,000 for being the new Web Designer
(Stay tuned for a whole re-design of the site...)

Tom Szczerbowski
from London, Ontario in Canada
has won $10,000 for becoming the Graphic Designer

Jim "BigDaddy" Plummer
from 808talk.com in Honolulu, Hawaii
has won $5,000 for being the Sound Engineer

Martin MacRae
from Aberdeen, Scotland
Christian Hjelvik
from Oslo, Norway
have each won $7,000 for being the Forum Moderators

Joe Green
from The Cotswolds, United Kingdom
has won $10,000 from the Donations Award (no longer active).

Silvia Calderon
from Ecuador
has won $1,000 for voting in the T-shirt Design Contest

Amount Available to Award: $39,000



...and if you're wondering whether I will actually pay this much money, consider the following:

  1. You have my real name (Andres Kello, for those who missed it) and you know what I look like.

  2. If I sell this domain name, I will have $7,500,001 at my disposal.

  3. With $7,500,001 I can easily afford $2,000,000 (that's less than 30%).

  4. If I don't offer these rewards, I won't sell this domain name, so this is legitimate.

  5. The whole world will be watching and expecting me to pay (in fact, that will be an event in itself as I will be paying out $2 million!).

Keep in mind that this is NOT Monopoly money. This is real, cold, hard cash I will be giving away. Once the announcement of the sale has been made, no more people will be eligible to win the prizes above (it's too easy to support something once its been confirmed). If the domain has not sold by 2008, no more monthly prizes will be awarded. However, the Grand Prizes will still be applicable until the domain sells. The ONLY catch is that the domain name HAS to sell in order for the Give Away to happen. SO LET'S BREAK THE RECORD!!



What happens if I'm Winner? Do I need to do anything?
Yes! Winners first need to check this page during the first week of the month to see if they're a winner. Winners then need to contact me and give me their full name and location so I can post their details up on this page to make the win official. If winners do not claim their prize by the 15th of the month, the award will go to another supporter.  Also, winners are considered members of my record-breaking team, so you will be required to continue supporting this feat by:

1) Signing the Guestbook (if you haven't already done so))

2) Becoming an active participant in the Forum (and posting about your win!),

3) Telling-a-Friend EVERY month, and

4) Linking to my site from yours (if you own one).

Prize winners have a stake in my domain, so you are expected to help break the record! If you do not continue to support this feat after you win, your prize will be awarded to another, more willing and deserving supporter! I need to do this to ensure winners don't just shrug the win off to then only come back and claim their prize at the end once I've sold this domain. I want to reward die-hard supporters, not lucky individuals who don't really care about this record attempt. Don't worry, though, because you will still have a chance to win the monthly awards through your continued support.

Can I win a monthly prize for the same category more than once? Pleeease?
Yes!  So keep supporting the feat!

How are the monthly prizes awarded?
The monthly prizes are awarded to a random person that has, in that month, supported the domain in one of the various ways listed above. In other words, you have to have supported the site during that month in accordance with the category to be in the draw for that months prize.

When will all the Monthly and Grand Prizes actually be paid out? I want my money!!
And you'll get it as soon as the domain is sold for the record-breaking amount, so keep supporting the feat!

What happens to the monthly prizes if the domain sells before 2008? Huh?? Bet you didn't think about that one.
Yes I did. If the domain sells before 2008, then there will be monthly prize money that goes unawarded. Since no one can be awarded monthly prize money after the announcement of the sale is made, the unawarded monthly prize money will be split proportionally amongst all the past monthly winners. For example, if the domain sells when only half the monthly prize money has been awarded (say, by 2007), then each winner will actually be paid twicee their awarded prize. No matter when the domain sells or how much as been awarded up until that point, $2 million will be paid to my supporters and not a cent less. So it is in the interest of past winners that this domain sell as soon as possible!

Why don't you award more than $2 million, you greedy monkey?
Simply put, I calculated how much I could afford to give away by estimating how much I would need to invest in my next BIG project, that's how I determined the $2 million. And who knows, depending upon how things go, I might even award more!


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