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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Today is a VERY exciting day! I've announced the FIRST random winners of the massive $2 Million Giveaway! So if you either linked to my site, donated to the cause, told a friend about it, registered a domain with me, joined the forum, or signed my guestbook in November, then YOU could be a winner! You can find out right now in the Support the Feat page. This is a HUGE moment worthy of a drum roll........

I've awarded $33,500 in November and there is still plenty to go around, so keep supporting this record attempt! Remember that the monthly prizes will be paid out when I break this record, so if you won, keep supporting the feat and make it happen! Also, let me remind you that no matter when I sell this domain, I'm giving away $2 million to my supporters. So if I sell this domain before I've awarded all the money, then those who already won will actually get their proportional share of what's left on top of what they have already won! So the SOONER you make it happen, the MORE you will get!

If you're just joining the party, or did not win this time around, don't worry cuz I'm giving away another $33,500 in December, and every month until 2008. Support the feat and YOU could be a well-deserved winner too! Be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime world record-breaking team!

Thanks to everyone for believing in my idea, it means a lot. I'm glad to be able to share the wealth with those who had so much faith in me so early in the game!

Keep it up!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I have a lot of good news. This week I closed my first sponsorship deal with my good friend Gabriel Fairman, owner of the international and very prestigious Bureau Translation Services company. His company is based in Brazil (with offices in New York) and offers very competitively-priced translation services to clients all over the world. His company will be translating my site into about 10 different languages, ranging from French to Chinese! That should give this world-record attempt the international appeal it deserves. People from all over the world will be able to understand the magnitude of what exactly I am trying to achieve and how they can help out and make it happen. The translations should be completed by the end of the year. Keep your eyes opened for Bureau's logo, it should appear shortly in the Sponsors section.

In other interesting news, today I purchased 900 pixels on the which has been getting even more traffic lately thanks to Alex's US media tour. That should help me get a lot of new incoming visitors who will hopefully love this idea, tell all their friends about it, and support the feat!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Things have been picking up very quickly a week after the launch! My press release got a lot of attention, more so than I could have hoped for. I have many people talking about my record feat and linking to my page from all over the world, which has increased my daily hit count six-fold! I'm also getting all sorts of advertising offers, which in unexpected this early in the game, although highly welcomed.

The funny thing is, though, more and more people think that I will NOT break this record, according to the polls I have on my site. Even stranger, there's a growing number of people who don't even WANT me to break the record. Now what is that all about? I really don't know. But it doesn't matter because that just makes me want to break it even MORE! I won't break the record...and then I break it? Now THAT would be even more SHOCKING and generate even MORE publicity! Bring it on! And I know my supporters will help me get there. Can you imagine if the majority of the world thinks

Speaking of which, I'm also really grateful to all the people that have been helping me out so far. You're in the minority, and that says a lot about you. I have a growing suspicion that I will get a lot more supporters on board after I announce the November prize winners. When others start seeing real people being awarded a lot of money, they will want their piece of the pie too.

I'm thinking of throwing a huge party for all my supporters after I break this record...not a bad idea, eh? Keep up the awesome work everyone and LET'S BREAK THIS RECORD!! It's going to be a lot of fun...

Oh, and my girlfriend, whom I haven't seen since July, arrives today from Australia. Now THAT'S something to smile about! I have to go pick her up in less than 2 I might take a little longer than usual to reply to any e-mails...perhaps a few days longer (just kidding).

Friday, November 18, 2005

I was experiencing some "technical difficulties" with my Tell-a-Friend service provider,, which I do not recommend to anyone. You'd think a paid service for something so simple wouldn't have any problems, yet this service simply stopped working a few days ago. It doesn't matter though because I have already switched to a much better service, I apologize to those who were wanting to tell a friend. That feature is now back up. Use it to support the feat and win BIG!

Anyway, I received an interesting e-mail from Liz Stella-Ford who's 6 year old son has a site,, where he sells posters to raise money to help build 100 houses for Habitat for Humanity. She kindly asked if I would consider pledging an amount to her son's cause. That got me thinking. It would be really cool if people could suggest Charities so I can already pledge an amount for those I accept. As a result, I've added a Charities section to my site and have pledged to buy $10,000 worth of Posters from Noah to help his cause once I sell my domain. Good luck, Noah!

As for my supporters, keep up the awesome work! In 10 days I will announce the first winners of the $2 million giveaway! I've even added a little stats box in each category in the Support the Feat page so you can see what your chances of winning that monthly prize are. I will update these stats daily.

Have fun!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

OK, it's been 3 days now since the official launch and a lot has happened. I've had a few people sign the guestbook, one guy join the forum in full support, and at least one other guy put my banner on his sites ( and ) with his unique referral code linking to this that makes me REALLY happy, more so than you can imagine, especially since I don't even know these people. I don't think these supporters will get much competition in November, so they have a really good shot at winning their share of the $33,500 November prize money.

I was talking with a few people on this forum about my idea, and the majority thought I was on drugs, delusional, and 15 years old. Hahaha...I had to laugh not to cry. Most had a hard time believing that this was NOT a joke. Then I had this one guy, who was at first skeptical about my idea, write a post that I think sums everything up. Here it is. Thanks Varlin.

The polls on my site so far show that 2 of every 3 visitor does not think I will break the record, although 4 of every 5 wants me to break it, which is quite interesting. In other words, people want me to do it, but they don't think I'll be able to. I'm just going to have to prove them wrong, won't I?

Another interesting tidbit: last night I experienced my first DoS attack (so early in the game!). It wasn't specifically on my site, just on the server I host with Sitelutions. It happened during the middle of the night and it made my beautiful domain inaccessible...or I should say my site inaccessible (my super domain is untouchable!)...for a a couple of hours. Here's what one of the Sitelutions guy had to say about this attack:

"This is the first time I can remember this big of an attack occurring towards one of our servers."

I'm a really lucky guy, 3 days after my launch and I get the biggest attack they've ever recorded. But it's going to take a lot more than a wimpy DoS attack to defeat this idea!

Anyway, I'm getting side-tracked. In other more relevant news, I finished my Press Release which I'll be officially releasing next Tuesday. That will hopefully get the attention of some of the media who will hopefully start spreading the word. I don't think any big media sources will pick up on this yet, but maybe an obscure small-town publication can get the ball rolling. I just need one journalist to believe that this will be the "next big thing" and things will really start to move forward...

Hey, I don't need convincing that this is going to be HUGE. I just need to convince others...and that's my ONLY obstacle at this point. So me convince others by SUPPORTING THE FEAT!!

Oh, and by the way, this is my first time writing a Blog, so forgive me if it's a little rough around the edges. I'm new at all of this...but I'm learning by the minute, and loving every second of it.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Today was my busiest day yet!

I launched my Press Release letting the media know about my record-breaking feat and within hours started receiving phone calls for interviews. I'm guessing they liked the idea. My first interview was with Wireless Flash News, a pop culture news wire company with an impressive client roster including "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", "The Late Show with David Letterman", and "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart". My second interview was LIVE with a Seattle Radio Station, KOMO 1000. That one was a lot of fun because it was my first live radio interview (yes, I was a bit nervous!). And I am in Brazil at the moment, so I was talking to Seattle long distance from the southern hemisphere, which is kind of cool. If anyone in the Seattle area heard my interview, please let me know. Steven Dee, from The Morning Skoop, also called me about doing interviews in several morning radio stations that he works with, so I expect that to get the ball rolling even further. Stay tuned for more...

As a result of all this more-than-welcomed attention, I've created a Press section on my site to keep track of all the interviews and stories about my domain. I've also included my contact details.

Hopefully all this exposure will help get a lot of supporters on board. I won't be able to break this record without YOU! For those of you already Supporting the Feat, thank you for being Pioneers. December 1 should be a lot of fun as I'll be announcing the winners of the $33,500 November prizes! Please tell all your friends about this...and your Uncle's.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Today is Guinness World Records Day! There is not better day than TODAY to be launching this World Record attempt!

So I had this little idea about a domain name that could break the world record for the most expensive internet domain name. It basically went like this: The most expensive domain name sold for $7,500,000. So all I have to do to break the record is sell it for $1 more than that: $7,500,001. When it breaks the record, it will make headlines all over the world. That news equals a lot of publicity for the buyer. That publicity could well be worth the millions they paid for. Plus, the domain could get a spot in the Guinness World Records book, which is equal to free advertising in the world's all-time best selling book. Not bad for $7,500,001, no?

And the idea was born...

But then I had to come up with a catchy domain name worthy of the first I thought I'd just get the Guinness category for that record, which is "Most Expensive Internet Domain Name" and just make it that DOT COM. But it looked long and ugly...I needed something catchier, something that could be easily remembered and would stick in people heads...and then it hit me...

And was born...

But how would I give this little domain that could the pre-publicity it needs to open the eyes of a potential buyer? This was a tough one...and then it hit me again! $7,500,001 is a whole lot of money, and I don't need every cent of it for my next big idea. So I can give a big chunk of it away and get as many people to support this feat as possible. That sounded like a lot of fun! And that's how I came up with the $2 Million Giveaway! Plus another $400,000 to be nice.

Anyway, I kind of fell in love with the idea and quit my day job to invest my time fully into it. I know...HUGE risk...but in life, sometimes you have to go with that ALL-OR-NOTHING attitude, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. No record was ever broken with a half-assed attempt. I'm just curious to see how people react and what kind of feedback I'll get. Whether you find this idea annoying or intriguing, I want you to be talking about it. No one really knows about this yet, so I'm going to start spreading the word. Maybe I'll get Google to help me. Wish me luck...


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