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Saturday, January 28, 2006

After an arduous few weeks trying to find out how I could advertise on those damn planes that fly above Punta del Este, Uruguay, all the time and then waiting for Mother Nature to cooperate during the weekend (when the beaches are fullest), I am very happy to say that I have finally been able to pull off my "domain in the sky" publicity for ! I even got the pilot to do a 360 around where I was so I could take as many pictures as possible and the weather could not have been nicer, so it was definitely worth the wait. Thousands of beachgoers in this South-American Saint Tropez have, in one flying swoop, seen this domain, wondered what the hell it is, what the hell it's doing in the air, and will hopefully be curious enough to go to the nearest cybercafé and type it in to find out what this is all about. My hopes are not too high, though, because this is, after all, a Spanish-speaking country and my domain name is in English, but it is in keeping with my idea of advertising my domain wherever I go in extreme and unique ways. It all started when I wrote my domain out in stones at 2,000 meters above sea level a the top of Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Argentina. Now Uruguay got a taste of this domain. Next stop: Brazil...what will be in store for this domain in the country of Soccer and Samba? A visitor from Brazil actually recommended that I write the domain with soccer balls in the Maracana Stadium, the worlds largest soccer stadium! If it can be done, it WILL be done. Until then, enjoy the pictures of the "domain in the sky" and don't forget to tell all your friends about it! (Click on the images to enlarge them for full view):

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Anyone who saw the international edition of (or various other new sites across the globe) today would have confirmed what I've been saying all along: breaking the record for the most expensive domain makes headlines all over the world! The sale has proved that my concept actually works...except of course that the media attention surrounding the sale of this domain would be A LOT GREATER, considering the circumstances of the sale of this domain (i.e. that it was sold for the sake of breaking the record, making me rich, giving to charity, and creating the most publicized Ad in history) and that millions will be split amongst charities and my supporters! So I was very happy to see the sale make headlines and prove my point!

The reason for all these headlines is a new article from Reuters, which claims that actually sold for "$12 million and involved cash and stock, as well as requirements that the business meet certain performance targets." This is $2 million less than had been reported by Xbiz originally. There is also speculation that the previous owner of also maintained a minority stake in it, so he didn't sell all of it. This goes to show what I mentioned in my previous blog entry, that we need to wait until the dust settles to see the exact details of this sale (I'm sure they will change again). Like I said before, if the is confirmed and accepted by the general public, I will have to make the appropriate changes to ensure my domain remains

So keep supporting the feat, ladies and gentlemen, because this game just got a whole lot more interesting!

In other news, I have rescheduled my "domain in the sky" for this weekend (finally!), so if mother nature cooperates, my domain should be flying sky high in a few days. I will have cameras ready to record the event, which of course, I will post up here.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The time has come for everyone to vote on their favorite t-shirt design and thus help choose the Official Graphic Designer for all future merchandise! A total of 10 people from all over the world submitted designs, and I want to thank all of them for believing in me and my idea, and for taking a risk to become part of this world record-breaking team! So get your eyes and fingers ready to vote! The designer that receives the most votes by the end of the month, will immediately become the official merchandise Graphic Designer, and their winning T-shirt will be available to the world for sale in mid-February! So take a few minutes to check out the designs and vote!

In other news, I've rescheduled my "domain in the sky" advertising for next weekend since the weather has been so awful here lately. The weather has improved today, so that's a good sign. I just hope that Joseph Lewis, a British-born, Bermuda-based, self-made billionaire who's visiting Punta del Este in his 60 meter (200 foot) Yacht, stays long enough to see my domain in the sky because he just might be interested in buying my little domain! He keeps a pretty low profile so I don't really know if he would buy my domain, especially after exposing him here, but you never know. He is NOT the richest man in the world (by far), does NOT own the most expensive or biggest boat (by far), so this could be a perfect opportunity for him to make it into the record books! My fingers are crossed...Oh, and if I see his $50 million boat, I'll take a picture of it and post it on here because I know you guys are curious.

Also, I have a new web designer for Vincent Valentine from has chosen to sponsor my record attempt and become part of this awesome record-breaking team. So stay tuned for a re-design of this entire site! Thanks Vinnie for joining the team!

What are you still doing reading this? Go vote for your favorite t-shirt!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The news is running wild! Although not yet official, it seems that a Boston-based company called Escom has purchased the domain name for $14 million. Many news sources are all quoting the same source (Xbiz, not a work-friendly link), which got its information on the deal through a company called This company,, shares office space with another company called Domain Name Acquisition Group, which was party to a lawsuit a little while back over the failed purchase of, so there are even rumors that the sale is tied into that lawsuit. You have to remember that this story, being reported all over town, is all actually coming from one source, so we need to take it with a grain of salt (hence the question mark in this blog entry's title) until other sources independently verify this claim. Assuming it is true, we will have to see the details of the actual sale (was anything else part of the $14 million deal besides the domain name?). Even that is not enough to officially break the record, as they would have to prove it to Guinness World Records, the only authority on world records, which not every company is willing to do for several different reasons (i.e. privacy concerns, confidentiality agreements, etc.). And even if they were willing to prove it to Guinness, family-friendly Guinness would probably be reluctant to publish that record, due to the adult nature of the site.

Regardless, however, if other independent sources come out confirming the deal, then I will have to respond accordingly. Because even if the dealmakers are not willing to prove it to Guinness, the public will know that sold for $14 million, due to all the publicity this sale has already generated. And no potential buyer of this domain would feel comfortable paying $7,500,001 knowing that another domain recently sold for $14 million because it opens the door for other domains to sell for more than $7,500,001.

This is not bad news for this domain, however. If you think about it, no other domain name could conceivably sell for more than under normal sells more than anything, we already know that, so anyone actually willing to break the alleged record (think this domain) would in all likelihood maintain the world record virtually for ever. The only domain names that might be worth more than, are the ones that are a part of well-established businesses, such as, which would never be put for sale because they are part of a trademark and make a lot more money (billions) from the services they provide than any sale of their domain name could generate.

So nothing is going to change about this domain until the details of this deal surface and the exact numbers revealed. The only thing I can say for sure is that this domain is the only record-breaking domain name in the world, and I plan on keeping it that way no matter what. Stay tuned...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I have some bad news...mother nature has won this round. The weather here has not improved and has actually gotten worse. I'm going to have to call off the "domain in the sky" for today and postpone it for tomorrow or the next day sunny day. I suppose it could be worse, those people running that fashion show on the beach have got it a lot worse than me. You can't exactly postpone something like that...

Anyway, remember that tomorrow is the deadline for the entries for the Graphic Design contest, so make sure you submit your designs to me by then. I will post them up on Monday for everyone to vote to choose the best design! I'm looking forward to seeing all the designs and thanks again to everyone who's participating to support this feat.

Now all I need is for the weather to improve...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm glad to announce that has two new Forum Moderators to help make the forum more active, fun, and clean so everyone can participate, meet new people, discuss new ideas, and have fun. Martin MacRae and Alex Penman have given up the opportunity of winning the $50,000 Forum Grand Prize to become the Moderators of the Forum and win a cool $7,000 when I sell this domain. I think now that the Forum has 2 other moderators to help keep it active will make it even more so. So I wanted to say thanks to the two of them for their help with this. Remember that since no one won the $2,500 monthly forum prize last month, this month's forum prize has been bumped up to $5,000, so join the forum and keep posting! We have over 50 pioneers in the forum building a long-lasting community around this whole record-breaking concept and helping support this domain!

Speaking of which, the support from people has been growing tremendously. More and more people are signing my guestbook, linking to my domain, telling friends about it, joining the forum and registering domains from my site. In fact, the 100,000 visitor mark is fast approaching, which I think may be a convenient time for another Press Release about this domain. It is absolutely humbling and flattering to see all this support only 2 months since I launched my little idea. It already looks like this domain is well on it's way to building a record-sized, record-breaking team! Remember, we're all in this together, let's show the world what we can do!

And please, do not doubt for one second that this domain is not going to (or can't) break this world record. This week Alex Tew from the Million Dollar Homepage put his last 1,000 pixels up for auction (which I think was another brilliant idea) and they have already been bid up to over $38,000 (that's over $38 per pixel!). If that doesn't prove the value of good publicity, then I don't know what does. I mean, if someone is willing to pay $38,000 for 1,000 pixels that are surrounded by literally 999,000 other pixels, then it is not THAT far-fetched to imagine someone paying 200 times more for 1,000 times more publicity, especially considering the amount of support this domain is already building BEFORE the sale!

And that support will grow exponentially soon when people all over the world start walking around with cool merchandise, automatically spreading the word wherever they go. So don't forget about the Graphic Design contest and the opportunity to show the world your creative spark! Four graphic designers have already submitted their designs and I suspect I'll be getting even more designs as the deadline of January 15 approaches! The voting for best T-shirt design will begin on January 16, so get your eyes ready for some serious evaluating!

I'm going to break this record if it's the last thing I do! Mark my words...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

After asking a local taxi driver here in Punta del Este if he knew where I could ask about advertising on those ubiquitous airplane banners, being given the number of a friend of his that is a friend of one of the pilots, and then calling up that friend to get the number of the pilot, and finally speaking to the pilot, I have finally scheduled my domain to go live in the air (literally) for all of Punta del Este and its beach citizens to see (and wonder what the heck it is)! That's right, my domain is going sky high tomorrow at 6pm local time (FYI: it gets dark here at 9pm), during a very exclusive beach fashion show that will attract a lot of people to the beach, weather permitting. Don't take that last party lightly, though, because the weather today is terrible, so if the weather does not improve tomorrow, I will have to reschedule for Sunday (weather forecast for Sunday is sunny, so it's a good enough Plan B!). I've also organized them to do a few 360 degree turns where I'm going to be at so that I can get as many pictures as possible, which I will obviously be posting up here. In line with my "advertising my domain in unique ways wherever I go", this should prove a very good investment!

I've started to post up the translations of the site that one of my sponsor has been working on. So the Spanish-speaking crowd here in Punta del Este should be able to understand what this is all about when they click on the "Español" link on the homepage. Eventually, this site will be in Chinese, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese (and English of course!). This is a WORLD record attempt, so it has to be in the world languages for everyone to understand and support!

I'm also in talks with a Web Designer to be the Official web designer and turn this whole site into a more serious venture and get rid of that "get rich quick" feel to it. I got the idea of a re-design from people in the Forum, which has been very active lately, thanks to Tino and Fred 5000, the new moderators. I want the Forum to become a more central part of the site and to be the reason people come back, so I'm going to be working hard on making it so.

I just hope it's sunny tomorrow...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's that time of the year when you draw up your New Years Resolutions, sincerely believe this year you will actually go through with them, only to forget about them by January 7. However, this time around, my New Year's Resolution is not to exercise more or eat healthier. It's to break this damn record and create the most incredible publicity stunt the world has ever seen. That's right, I'm breaking this record in 2006!

The support from everyone these past 2 months has been absolutely inspiring. It is incredible how many people can get behind an idea so quickly and help propel it forward. Take The Million Dollar Homepage for example. Alex Tew's is hours away from reaching the million-dollar mark no one thought possible 4 months ago. And as a result of it being featured on CNN, Yahoo News, and elsewhere, hits to every pixel on there, including those linking to my domain, have increased exponentially in the past few days. That says it all folks, these types of ideas work and they work exceptionally well thanks to the global accessibility the internet provides. The Million Dollar Homepage has become a black hole of publicity, sucking in all the attention that goes near it, while giving all the advertisers quick enough to have gotten a spot on there an incredibly good value for their money. If you think about it, The Million Dollar Homepage has given a lot of publicity to hundreds of advertisers on there. My domain, on the other hand, will be giving unparalleled publicity to only ONE advertiser bold enough to make it happen.

As everyone knows, to help break this record as soon as possible, I'm looking for a Graphic Designer to design all the merchandise that will help spread this domain all over the world. The initial response to my Wanted Ad was better than expected, so I've decided to turn it into a full-on contest and let YOU, the public, my visitors, my supporters, decide who will be The Record-Breaking Designer. All the details can be found on the Contest Page. This competition will help create record-breaking merchandise, which will be made available starting the 2nd week of February.

That's it for 2005. Try to stick to your New Year's Resolutions. I know I will this time around.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I wanted to personally wish all my supporters and visitors an amazing 2006, it's going to absolutely rock, I can already feel it! I hope everyone partied hard on New Year's Eve, that's what life is all about. The fireworks here in Punta del Este, which means "East Tip" by the way, were as amazing as the sunsets. For those of you who don't know, this place is fast becoming the Saint Tropez of South-America, enjoying the presence of people like Puff Daddy and Valentino this summer (don't forget, it's summer down here in the southern hemisphere!). I know I promised pictures of this place, so I've included a few below, check them out:

Last Sunset of 2005.

Coffee anyone?

I want a boat. No, seriously, I do.

My girlfriend and I on New Year's Eve.

I would have updated my blog sooner, but I was having problems with the Internet here in Uruguay which is somewhat unstable, so please bear with me. Fear not, however, as I have been hard at work on the site. I've announced the December Monthly Prize winners, so check out the Support the Feat page to see if you're a winner! I've had to replace the Donations Award with the soon-to-be-launched Merchandise Award because offering financial compensation for any kind of donation is a big PayPal no-no. I'm still accepting donations, I just can't offer any financial award in return (don't worry, I'm still figuring out what other incentives I can offer). I need as many donations as I can get, though, to be able to advertise my domain in extreme (think "expensive") that plane idea I mentioned last week...I still haven't found how to advertise on there (I can't exactly yell out and ask the pilot) but I have a feeling it's going to be expensive since the local Casino keeps advertising there. I need to advertise this domain heavily wherever I am to give it the worldwide pre-publicity it needs to break the record, so help make it happen!

Also, don't forget about the Graphic Design contest. The deadline is January 15, so make sure you submit your entries before then. I want to thank everyone getting involved, this whole contest is going to be a lot of fun. Oh, and before I forget, I have a new Sound Engineer! That's right, soon your visits to this domain will enjoy an exceptional auditory experience thanks to's very own Jim "BigDaddy" Plummer who had the idea. Thank's Jim! This reminds me, I've allocated more money for miscellaneous help since I had to cancel the donation prizes, so if you have an idea about how to make this site better, let me know and win some cash!

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions about how I can advertise my record-breaking domain on the beach, drop me a line, I'd love to give it a shot. As always, keep supporting the feat, I'm surer now more than ever that is going to soon become the Most Expensive Internet Domain Name in History!


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